Trump administration breaks campaign promise, purges 200,000 VA healthcare applications

Coulter was a staunch supporter of Trump’s during the campaign, but has complained that Trump isn’t enacting his immigration policies fast enough. “It kind of breaks my heart,” Coulter said. “He’s not.

Trump administration breaks campaign promise, purges 200,000 VA healthcare applications "The current state of the Department of Veterans Affairs is absolutely unacceptable," presidential candidate Donald Trump said when speaking at a rally on Oct. 31, 2015, in front of the retired battleship USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Va.

“The administration released the news on the cusp of a holiday weekend in a letter from a top Federal Transit Administration official to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his New Jersey counterpart Chris Christie, who had agreed with the Obama administration to split the project’s costs 50-50,” Crain’s notes.

That report found no criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia to tip the outcome of the. Mueller also appeared to put Congress on notice that he would not break new ground in the.

Donald Trump is Republicans’ first and maybe last realistic chance to ditch the healthcare law they have railed against. Trump’s renewed attacks on Obamacare in the final days of the campaign to.

‘The mission continues’: local veteran dedicates music career, album to America’s heroes ‘The mission continues’: Local veteran dedicates music career, album to America’s heroes . US Navy Veteran Dave Bray has dedicated his music career to traveling nationwide to support first-responders including veterans, active duty military, police officers and more. He recently performed at Police Week’s Tent City in DC.

The Trump administration announces a deportation process that bypasses immigration judges and allows them to quickly deport undocumented immigrants who’ve been here less tha n two years. Before, this expedited process was reserved for undocumented migrants caught within 100 miles of the border and who had only been in the country two weeks.

No time for buck-passing as we address vet suicide A veteran took his own life in a VA hospital parking lot over the weekend as the military scrambles to address the suicide epidemic. The veteran, whose name has not been released, committed suicide in the visitor parking structure at the Charles George VA Medical Center in North Carolina Sunday.

The Trump administration’s new restrictions on travel to Cuba will sting the cruise industry, taking away a new and increasingly popular destination at the start of the critical summer vacation.

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How Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten are wooing undecided voters Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor leader Bill Shorten have agreed to a debate in front of 100 undecided voters in Brisbane. The Sky News/Courier-Mail People’s Forum will be held on Friday.

The memo, which was first reported by Bloomberg, has not been officially released; it marks the latest move by the Trump administration to align itself with debt collectors over the nation’s 44 million student loan borrowers. emphasis, because this is how you report on these shitty practices. 1) This isn’t a new direction for DeVos, Trump and.